Christmas 2020

From the traditional Christmas Turkey to our pork pies, we have all the local meats to make your Christmas extra special however you choose to celebrate. Use the list to nudge yourself in the right direction but remember that we do all our usual fare as well.  

Copies of the Christmas Order form available from pop into the shop or download a copy here.

Christmas & New Year Opening Times 2020

Sat 19th Dec – 8.30 – 1.00

Sun 20th Dec – CLOSED

Mon 21st Dec – 8.30 – 5.00

Tues 22nd Dec – 8.30 – 1.00

Wed 23rd Dec – 8.30 – 1.00

Thu 24th Dec – 8.30 – 1.00

Fri 25th Dec – Mon 28th Dec – CLOSED 

Tues 29th Dec – 8.30 – 5.00

Wed 30th Dec – 8.30 – 1.00

New Years Eve – 8.30 – 1.00

New Years Day – CLOSED 

Sat 2nd Jan – Business as usual 

Christmas Lunch Favourites

Christmas pudding, sprouts and plum pudding…. essential ingredients of the Christmas meal but in essence merely part of a supporting cast to a magnificent bird.

Norfolk  Black Turkey: A pure bred.  Traditional breeding, slow rearing and natural diet free from additives allows this turkey to grow and develop naturally, to full maturity. It is this that provides a distinctive flavour, having a more gamey taste than the traditional White Turkey.  The appearance of the Black illustrates its pure breed carrying a slightly higher breast bone with not so full breasts as the White (more of a game bird appearance). The meat is fine-grained, white, succulent and full of delicious gamey flavour.  This is a good all-round bird and will not disappoint eager diners. £12.90/ Kg *

The following cross breeds are bred for a subtler flavour:

Norfolk Bronze Turkey:  Naturally slow growing, the meat has a more intense flavour than a White but with fuller breasts than the Black giving plenty of white meat. £12.75/ Kg *

Norfolk White Turkey: The most common Turkey with full breasts plenty of white meat and a more discreet flavour. £11.90/ Kg *

Boneless Turkey Breast:  Easier to carve with no waste makes this a practical solution for the smaller party. £15.00/ Kg *

All of our Turkeys are locally reared and processed on our producers premises (therefore no travelling, which means no stress to the birds). They are Free Range, fed a natural diet and given access to grass and woodland day and night. In short they are happy birds produced naturally and traditionally which all translates into better tasting meat. Reared to maturity, this ensures a layering of fat which means that the meat is moist and juicy upon cooking.  Plucked by hand and then hung for a minimum of 7 days, this hanging enhances the flavour and further tenderises the meat.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Turkeys being free range weights less than 5Kg are not achievable.

Large Chickens: Free range.Bred and reared in Hindolveston. A full flavoured and tender bird. Less than 2.5kg £5.80Kg. Over 2.5kg £8.64Kg*

Free Range Goose: Another traditional choice for Christmas, tasting as good ole fashioned Goose should do. £14.20/ Kg *

Gressingham Duck: A popular alternative bird for Christmas. £8.00/ Kg *

Gammon Joint: Available smoked and unsmoked, dry cured using a traditional method. £8.40/ Kg *

Party Chipolatas – Cooked Hams – Blicking 28 day dry aged Beef – Sausage Meat (for stuffing & sausage rolls) – Cocktail Sausages – Streaky Bacon – Goose Fat – Cooked Pies 

Christmas Breakfast / Brunch Favourites

Whites Oak Smoked Back Bacon (a dry cured bacon smoked over English oak) – Unsmoked Back Bacon – Black Pudding – Traditional Pork Sausages – Eggs

* all prices are approximate at the time of publishing and can be confirmed in early December.